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Hair dryers and conditioners

  1. The hair dryer matters! The difference between a modern hair dryer and a hair dryer that served its time is as big as night and day. A hair dryer that has served its age does not dry the hair properly, and it can also stress especially sensitive hair quality. On the other hand, a high-quality hair dryer is quick to use, efficient and gentle on the hair - and also ergonomic and comfortable in the hand.


Gamma Piu is an Italian brand whose hair dryers are of Italian quality - down to design, components and manufacturing. Gamma Piu hair dryers are unparalleled in their performance and reliability. They are also light, efficient and ecological.

Through us, you get top-quality hair dryers as well as the necessary additional pieces and accessories, which allow you to use the hair dryer more versatile and more efficiently than before. Check out our selection and place an order!

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