It's great that you are interested in our company and our products! We are happy to cooperate with influencers! We hope that you will contact us with the most comprehensive information about your channels and reach. Please send the information requested below by e-mail info(a) .

  • In your email, tell us briefly about yourself and links to your channels (blog, Instagram, Youtube).
  • Tell us your reach, number of readers, number of followers, etc. statistics (you can also include screenshots from e.g. Google Analytics or Instagram's reach).
  • Tell me in your own words who your followers are and your main theme (what kind of topics do you cover, etc.)?
  • Which products/brands from our selection would you be primarily interested in?

We process each application carefully and we agree on the terms of cooperation with each influencer separately. We receive a lot of inquiries, so unfortunately we cannot accept all applications.

We hope to hear from you soon!