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K18 Hair Leave-in Molecular Repair Mask 15ml

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K18 Hair Leave-in Molecular Repair Mask 15ml

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A restorative leave-in keratin structure repair conditioner containing the patented K18Peptide™ peptide for all hair types.

K18Hair Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask is a leave-in treatment product containing the patented K18Peptide peptide, which repairs structural damage to the hair, making the hair healthy and vibrant again. The patented K18Peptide peptide contained in the treatment restores the keratin structure of the hair in a biomimetic manner.

Effect time 4 minutes.

To achieve the best result, 4-6 consecutive uses are recommended.

Since the hair is still susceptible to external damage, it is recommended to use the product every 3-4 washes to repair new damage.

• Makes hair healthy and vibrant again
• Repairs damage caused by bleaching, dyeing, texturing, heat and mechanical processing
• Makes hair strong, soft, smooth and elastic
• Prevents new damage, hair breakage, split ends and color fading
• Optimal pH 5.0 – 6.0
• Its composition is light and leaves the hair airy
• Suitable for all hair types


Wash your hair with shampoo, do not use conditioner. Towel dry your hair carefully. Start with one press (1ml) of K18Hair Mask and add sparingly if necessary according to the length, thickness and condition of the hair. Apply to the hair evenly from the ends to the roots, one press at a time. Leave on for 4 minutes. Do not rinse. Format as usual.