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Wax heater, 500 ml, for wax

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Wax heater, 500 ml, for wax

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Wax heater for 500 ml jars.

The heater has a removable tank, suitable for melting hard wax, granules and facial paraffin.

Dimensions: 189x195x150 mm.

100 W
The wax melts in approx. 15 minutes.

1. Place the wax jar in the holder of the device and put the holder in the heater, place the wax in the jar.
2) Start the device from the thermostat when the wax jar is completely securely in place. Choose the appropriate one
3) Let the wax melt until ready to use. It takes 20-30 minutes to melt the wax, to speed up the wax
when done, close the lid of the device during heating. Make sure the temperature is right before waxing
use on the skin.
4) When the wax is ready to use, reduce the temperature by about half to maintain the wax
composition. Always check the temperature of the wax before applying. You can keep the device at half power
during the working day.
5) Turn off the device for the night by turning the thermostat to the OFF position and close the lid of the device for the remaining time
to protect the wax.