Plasma Hiustenkuivain, Matta Musta-Gammapiu-Kauneustori


Plasma Hair Dryer, Matt Black

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Plasma Hair Dryer, Matt Black

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The star has lit up!

The only hair dryer in the world with an active oxygen activator: a unique UV lamp activates the air and turns it into active oxygen.
Active Plasma next-generation hair dryer for industry professionals!

Top quality Italian Gamma Piú Plasma hair dryer
unique technology improves hair condition, color and speeds up drying time.

Hair colors stay bright for a long time!

The hair dryer has a unique scientifically tested technology that releases active oxygen (ozone), which improves color durability, hair condition, speeds up drying and reduces electricity.

The hair dryer has a scientifically proven unique repairing and caring effect on hair, especially for weak and fragile hair.

The hair also becomes shiny and soft

  • 2100W
  • 460 g
  • blowing speed 25 lt/s
  • size 19 cm
  • volume 70 dB
  • cable length 3 m